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 My, on Peanuts, with my grandfather circa 1971
 Certified Equine Specialist 
 Journalist Society Member
 Certified Responder
 Group Facilitator  

About Me

I grew up in the ranch country of the Nebraska Sandhills so rough work and the natural elements were my earliest instructors. The influence of that rugged environment, and its people, still bleeds through to my much of my writing, and continues to color my approach to life.

Over the years I've done everything from baling hay and bookkeeping, to giving horseback riding lessons and teaching yoga. I worked as a journalist—both freelance and on-staff—for over a decade while traipsing around California, South Dakota and Nebraska.

Most recently, I have been working within Native American communities leading equine-assisted learning activities, and methamphetamine and suicide prevention initiatives. I am a certified Mental Health First Aid Responder, and have held positions in that field as an Outreach Specialist, Curriculum Development Director and Group Facilitator.
It has been this work—in addiction and suicide prevention programming—that has inspired my Crazy Happy Life products and resources.

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On a more personal note: I drink coffee stout enough to float a horseshoe, and go barefoot whenever possible. I prefer worn-soft T-shirts, my treasured Frye boots, and long flowy skirts— not necessarily worn together, but maybe.
I love music, movies and books—all kinds—and everything Snoopy. 


I am also a wife, a mom of four fabulous kids, and food giver to a constantly evolving menagerie of pets, including a couple very bossy cats.

I say thank you for your interest in my work that has brought you here, and please keep checking back, I'm always coming up with something new—keeping it HaReBRaiNeD & Crazy Happy! 

See ya on the next page...