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Equine Specialist 
Certified Responder
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About Me

There's really just this: I love to write.
First, foremost, and most assuredly—that's my passion.
I write for fun, I write to relax; I write to figure things out, I write for money when I can.

But I also write out of sheer necessity, because it keeps me (arguably) somewhat sane, and less inclined toward felonious behavior.

I've worked a multitude of day-jobs to support my writing habit, but my addiction to the written word long ago overpowered any common sense I may have once had to quit.
So... here I am.

I am also a wife, a mom of four fabulous kids—that aren't really kids any more—and food giver to a dozen or so chickens, a couple rather arrogant cats, and two faithful dogs.
I drink coffee stout enough to float a horseshoe, and go barefoot whenever possible. I prefer old worn-soft T-shirts, my treasured Frye boots, and long flowy skirts— not necessarily worn together, but maybe.
I love music and movies—all kinds—books (of course! though I'm a bit of a literary snob) and all things Snoopy. 


I say thank you for your interest in my work that has brought you here, and please keep checking back.
Everything—including myself—is a work in progress ...working to keep it crazy cool, and happy. 

See ya on the next page...



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