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Harebrained Notions Card Decks

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Harebrained Notions were created to provide a different kind of inspiration—a little off-beat, and just crazy enough to maybe make a difference.   

No longer just in digital format, Harebrained Notions cards are now available in an actual deck of 3.5" square note cards, printed on high quality card stock, and snuggled in a neat little Notions box.
Now you can tuck individual Notions inside greeting cards, lunch boxes, coat pockets and gym bags. Leave them on windshields, pillow tops and park benches. Randomly scatter in airports, waiting rooms and chapel pews—anywhere a fresh perspective might be of help. Let Harebrained Notions be your personal calling card and a token of light for fellow travelers to happen upon; as a fun treat for yourself, and a  unique gift for anyone else. 

Room For You 

We've left room on the back side of Harebrained Notions cards for you to put your own contact or biz info, write a personalized note, or scribble a love doodle. The possibilities with these little Notions are as countless your own harebrained ideas.

68 cards just $24

Shipping is FREE anywhere in the U.S

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Discounts on orders of 4 or more decks. Contact me for special orders of larger quantities.