Who we Are

We are the Spirit-loving, free-thinking, happy travelers of this world.
Unabashed in our authenticity, unapologetic for our uniqueness, we ave a deep-seated respect for life—all life—that surrounds us, supports us, and blesses us, is us. The Rabble believes in speaking up for what is right, giving voice to the good, and power to the positive. We are the quiet thinkers, the loud shouters, respecters of ancient wisdom, and embracers of evolving consciousness. We are the fun and rowdy, the cool and calm, the wild and wacky, Crazy-Happy people intent on milking every last drop of glory from the muck-wading and mountain-top moments of life, and every human experience in between.

Here’s What You Get. . .

First crack at all my journal entries and poetry posts, details and early-bird discounts and exclusive pre-order rights on new book launches and product offerings, plus advance warning on all Harebrained Happenings.

Sounds like a lot,  Right?

Rest assured I won’t be jamming your inbox with useless drivel on a daily basis, so no worries there. Expect to see some Harebrained stuff pop up only a few times a month—just enough to tickle your fancy. ;0)

And Another Thing. . .

I’m actually a rather private person, myself, so I totally get the value of your privacy. I will never sell, share or otherwise abuse your personal info. Ever.

But Wait! There's More!

Every now and again, you'll get a Harebrained Notion delivered to your inbox. These messages, designed to inspire a more harebrained approach to life, are short, sweet, and when shared, make a super convenient way for you to cast a little crazy cool happiness around—who doesn't love that? 

So The Real Question Is:

When was the last time you did something hellaciously Harebrained? (here's your chance!)


You In or What?