1. Two Tiny, Mighty Words

    "Look before you leap." "Think before you speak." "Don't bite off more than you can chew." Any of these sound familiar? Most of us were raised with these and similar warning messages—offered up in varying degrees of consternation—meant to help us grow up to be rational, level-headed, thoughtful…Read More

  2. The Struggle is Still Very Real

    Saw the movie 'Hostiles' and liked it, probably not so much for the actual movie itself, but for the fact that the issues around the historic trauma from the Indian Wars, and subsequent establishment of reservations, are still being examined—if only in an artistic sense. I thought, overall, the me…Read More

  3. Grace Period

    I rang in the New Year with my 18-year old son who was home on winter break. The actual countdown to 2018 was a fairly anticlimactic event for us both, but the one-on-one time we shared provided us a great opportunity to reconnect after his 200-mile move from home last August to attend college. Numb…Read More

  4. Taking Flight

    NOTE: This was first published in the "Writer's Block" in 2015, but feels just as relevant, as fresh, as it did two years ago. Always at this time of year, I think of him... My favorite uncle lies dying in a VA hospital in California. He was able to eat at Thanksgiving time, but shortly after that t…Read More