Lessons For Living Life at Full Throttle

My dad is a Ford man—always has been, always will be.
He has spent his life obsessed with engine-building—specifically, high-performance engines; and it fits his personality perfectly.
At 74, he's still banging out engines that can out-do anything else on the road or race track, and he is not slowing down much, himself, either.

Over the course of my own life, watching my father age (or actually, seem not to) has been nothing short of inspiring.
If asked, he says he still feels 19 inside, even if his body doesn't quite keep up with his ambitions like it once did.
He's had many incredible experiences, and anyone who knows him at all is utterly amazed that he's still alive. A master of the calculated risk, he hasn't just pushed every envelope ever invented, he's pretty much torn them to shreds.

I probably sound like I'm bragging here, and maybe I am a little—he is my dad—but what I've learned, and hopefully inherited, is his penchant for living life at full throttle.
I've never known him to compromise on this, and I believe it's what keeps him youthful in spirit, and agile in health.

The message on this particular Harebrained Notion of the Week I admit I partially plagiarized from a verse in a rap song by NF. (Yeah, I occasionally—selectively—listen to rap; it is poetry, after all.)
But I love this Notion for two reasons:
One: it reminds me of my dad;
Two: it's a wonderful metaphor for a certain kind of feeling that is otherwise difficult to describe; the thrill of knowing nothing is holding you back from getting where you want to go. 
I try to live that way as much as possible, because when I find myself riding the brake pedal and second-guessing my timing, life just doesn't flow as well, and quite frankly, it's rather a bore.

This week as you go about your business, maybe think about this little metaphor on seeing only green lights ahead. Truth is, most of the reds and yellows of life are self-imposed anyway, so what do you have to lose?
Gun it!

Enjoy your week, and do something harebrained!

See you on the next page,