When Size Really Matters

A few weeks ago I was visiting my daughter, and we went out shopping—I was on the look-out for some new hoop earrings.
As we browsed along through winter sales racks and new spring outfits, we chatted away, pretty much nonstop, like we always do when we haven’t seen each other in a while.
We meandered to the jewelry case and I spotted a pair of gold hoops about nickel-size in diameter. I held the little card, to which they were skewered, up to my ear and looked in the mirror above the display case.
“Oh NO!” my daughter exclaimed. “You can’t get those.”
“Why not?” I asked, surprised by her vehemence.
“That size is for a shy, prim woman, with her hair pulled back in a tight bun, wearing a pencil skirt and practical pumps.  They just scream ‘I’m too timid to commit to the big hoop.'”
I had to laugh.
I have to claim some accountability for my daughter’s all-or-nothing mentality; and my apologies to the prim, pencil-skirted women out there who favor nickel-sized hoops.
However, the underlying implication to my daughter’s hoop-bias is worth pondering.
Like the message in this Harebrained Notion card, when we play small—fail to rise above timid posturing—we are in no position to serve anyone.
More often than not, standing up for something, or believing in someone, requires boldness, and a willingness to make a statement about who we are, and how serious our convictions.
Think about the areas of your own life where perhaps you “play small” because it’s safer, or more comfortable, than stepping out in certain brevity.
This week, as you go forth in HaReBRaiNeD! glory, be audacious, and don’t shrink from committing to the big hoops in life!

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