What's Keeping You From Being Crazy Happy?

I've spent the past several years leading substance abuse and suicide prevention support groups, and I know first hand that for many, the path to peace can be a bit rocky. 
Sometimes you gotta get creative.
You gotta rattle the chains of old ways of thinking; you gotta get down and dirty and own your sh*t;
you gotta lock arms with other seekers, and kick some spiritual ass.
Sometimes you gotta dare to go totally HaReBRaiNeD! to find your way to a living a Crazy Happy Life. 

My mission is to help people do just that.


Small Daily Shifts = Radical Life Overhaul

If you could wave a magic wand and change everything that is keeping you from reaching your Crazy Happy potential, you'd do it wouldn't you? I mean, think about it: Your life, minus the sucky stuff = awesomeness, right?
Well I'm here to tell you it can happen, truly. Maybe with a bit more work, and in a little more time than it takes to wave a wand, but IT CAN HAPPEN—that's the important thing.

If you're ready to get out of Suckville, not matter what put you there—a traumatic event, a costly habit, a broken heart, a bitter failure—I invite you to join me in Truly Blissed Coursework + Blissed Portal Access.  
The full course includes DAILY SUPPORT, and multiple channels of resources within the beautiful sacred space of the Blissed Portal.
This is your chance to get on a whole new path.
The path to freedom. The path to Bliss.
The path to living Crazy Happy, ever after.  
You're not gonna want to miss out. 


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Writer and founder of Crazy Happy Life Resoures & HaReBRaiNeD! Creations

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Blissed Portal Access Includes:

  • The Guidebook
  • Journal Pages
  • Audio Primers
  • Daily Mindset Meditations
  • Vision Boards 
  • Daily Blissed Notions texts
  • E-mail Contact
  • Live Q & A