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True Grist...

I grew up in the ranch country of the Nebraska Sandhills so rough work and the natural elements were my earliest instructors, and their influence bleeds through to my writing still.

Over the years I've done everything from baling hay to bookkeeping; teaching yoga to working road construction. I've lived in Mexico, Maryland, Ventura, Worcestershire, Chino Hills, New Haven, and too many other places to name.

As a journalist, I worked both freelance and on-staff for over a decade. I wore many hats in that realm from section editing to lay-out and design; photography to writing a weekly editorial column.
While in California, I was a stringer for the Orange County Register and wrote for a variety of health and wellness publications. In South Dakota I mostly worked the agriculture beat—though that often overlapped with environmental issues, which led me into freelance work in that field, and a membership with the Society of Environmental Journalists.
I could also claim the title of crusader here, since that's how my editor referred to me on occasion. But that seems to imply a fervor of an irrational nature, when in fact, I was really only guilty of being blunt with certain facts. But that's another story...

Most recently, I have spent a number of years working within Native American communities leading equine-assisted learning activities, and methamphetamine and suicide prevention initiatives. I am a certified Mental Health First Aid Responder, and worked in that field as an Outreach Specialist, Curriculum Development Director and Group Facilitator, while also performing other duties that didn't have titles but looked a lot like: horse handler, administrative aide, babysitter, chauffeur and stall-mucker. Much of my work in addiction prevention and recovery programming inspired my Crazy Happy Life products and resources.

All this—from the ranching to the reporting, to the drifting and the dirty work—is only relevant to mention because it has led to the creation of...well, me, and all the writing and resources you'll find here on this website today.