No Dogs or Indians

A Novel By Lisa Hare

No Dogs or Indians
By Lisa Hare

For Clara LaCroix, the past was the place she preferred to dwell. That was where her memories of Boone, and the life they shared, resided.
But for Joe Black Hawk, the past was a painful mix of a fading heritage he didn’t want to lose, and a lifetime of mistakes he’d just as soon forget.

Voted Top Pick and 2017 Novel of the Year Runner-Up by Underground Book Reviews

In the beautifully rugged grasslands over which the Lakota Sioux once roamed freely, the lives of fifth-generation rancher, Clara LaCroix, and fifth-generation reservation Indian Joe Black Hawk, collide in a tragic event that fuels an eruption of racial bitterness.
Portraying the profound effects horses can have on human lives, this is the story about the importance of the past, the relevance of ancestry, and the critical balance between remembering the roots that set us apart while celebrating the humanity that binds us together.

what readers are saying

A rare book that entices you to consider so many universal truths as you read, loss, prejudice, alienation as well as questioning the meaning of freedom and captivity.
Hare’s brutally honest description of Native Americans’ realm should send a wake up call to every single reader to the unconscionable treatment of these indigenous people.
An accurate description of the area and its people. Not always pretty but accurate.
This is a story about the past as well as about the present. It makes us aware of the wrongs that have been done, as well as of the wrongs that are still being done.
A powerful journey that left me feeling moved and inspired.

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